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Effect of the drug

The main action of Generic Xanax is anticonvulsant, including relaxing. It can be safely attributed to the class of anti-anxiety drugs. Xanax mainly affects benzodiazepine receptors.
Effect of the Xanax

Group description

The group of anti-anxiety drugs, in addition to Xanax, includes other drugs, such as:

Indications for use

Generic Xanax based on Alprazolam, as well as the classical version of the drug is prescribed mainly if there are:

  • anxiety attacks
  • sensations of tension
  • problems with sleep
  • depressed mood
  • problems with appetite
  • suicidal thoughts
  • apathy
  • organic diseases
  • functional diseases
  • panic attacks.


It is not recommended to buy Xanax online and take Generic Xanax without prescription on your own if you are allergic to ingredients, in particular, Generic Alprazolam and if you have:

  • psychotic depression
  • age younger than 18 years
  • problems with the thyroid gland
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

Xanax is capable of provoking many different side effects from several areas at once. The most common third-party effects from taking Alprazolam are:

  • migraine
  • feeling of weakness and drowsiness
  • problems with sleep
  • loss of coordination, concentration, and memory
  • tremor
  • problems with weight
  • liver disease
  • violations of libido.

Also, sometimes Xanax provokes the appearance of hallucinations, attacks of aggression. The drug can be addictive with long-term treatment with it. In this case, the patient may need specialist help, as well as the gradual cessation of treatment.

Application rules

Xanax is recommended to be taken orally. Dosage is selected individually, depending on which illness the drug should cure. It also depends on the characteristics of the body. It is recommended to take the drug before going to bed, as it can cause drowsiness. composure

It is recommended to begin treatment with a minimum dose for elderly patients, as well as for those who have never previously taken drugs of this group.


Use with caution if the patient has problems with the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs. Continuous monitoring in the presence of severe depression is also recommended, as well as suicidal thoughts and other serious panic disorders. It is recommended to stop treatment gradually with a dose reduction every three days. During the drug intake, refrain from driving the car and working with mechanisms, as this can lead to accidents on the roads or production loss. It is important to stop treatment during lactation. If you find yourself pregnant during treatment, discontinue taking the pills and seek medical advice immediately.

Storage Rules

Store the drug in a dry, warm place with an air temperature below 26 degrees Celsius. Do not allow children to use it.

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