Features of the use of Lorazepam and the complexity of its perception by patients

Lorazepam is used for various neuroses and psychopathic conditions, in which anxiety, panic, fear, increased irritability and emotional instability are observed. It is also used for psychosomatic disorders.

Most of the drugs in this group are undesirable for treating weakened and elderly patients, children under 18 years of age, but this is possible in case of emergency. The use of Lorazepam is undesirable for pregnant women (especially in the early period), with alcohol and drug intoxication, renal and hepatic insufficiency, and when performing work requiring a quick response (driving).

Tranquilizers have a bad reputation among the population, which says that only drug addicts take them. This is a very erroneous and incorrect opinion. It is necessary to know that Lorazepam is a potent drug, but not narcotic. Fear and bad prejudices before taking tranquilizers in the population are significant. Therefore, recently, preparations from this group began to be called new, fashionable, and incomprehensible names for a wide range of common people. Today you can hear the name of anxiolytics, which means – dissolving fear and anxiety, or antineurotics – directed against neurosis. But it’s all tranquilizers still.

Medicines are part of this group used in therapeutic doses to reduce fear, panic, and anxiety. Their main difference from neuroleptics, even stronger drugs than tranquilizers, is that tranquilizers do not act on delusions, hallucinations, and other manifestations of psychosis, for example, in schizophrenia. They help only mentally healthy people, who temporarily fell under the influence of an unfavorable situation. The mechanism of action of tranquilizers is not fully understood. Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine derivative. It contains substances that affect the nerve endings in the human body, perceiving the presence of benzodiazepine in the compounds between nerve cells (benzodiazepine receptors).

Lorazepam and the complexity of its perception by patients Why does the human body have such benzodiazepine receptors? There is an opinion that as a result of some breakdown in the human body, it just became not enough to have a certain substance. Tranquilizers help a mentally healthy body calm down and regain a normal general state when exposed to acute or chronic stress. When you are covered with a difficult life situation and you are constantly stressful, they enable the nervous system to calm down. If it were not for Lorazepam, the nervous system during acute stress can break from overexertion, which can lead to the development of psychoses and mental illnesses.

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