Question: How Much Is A 3 Tier Wedding Cake At Walmart?

Are Walmart cakes any good?

When it’s done in moderation, the cakes are fairly good, but if there is too much frosting it really detracts from the flavor.

The cakes themselves are pretty good, though sometimes they can be a little on the dry side.

Walmart was Sam’s Club cakes are my favorite plus a really good value!.

How far in advance should you order a cake from Walmart?

24 hoursPlease place your order at least 24 hours in advance to give the bakery a chance to perfect your order for Walmart custom cakes and contact you if they have any questions regarding your unique design choice for Walmart bakery cakes for birthdays, graduations or baby showers.

How much do Walmart cakes cost?

Walmart Bakery PricesFoodPriceVariety Cake, 44 oz$12.98Round Chocolate Cake with Icing, 8″$7.481/4 Sheet White Cake with Icing$16.48White Cupcake with Icing, 24 Count$16.48129 more rows

How much does a cake for 50 cost?

The starting price is based on any of the standard flavors listed on our website (one cake flavor and two filling flavors)….ROUND CAKES.SIZESERVINGSPRICE8 inch8-12$50.0010 inch16-20$65.0012 inch30-40$75.0014 inch50-60$90.001 more row•Aug 24, 2020

How do you price a cake for profit?

Key Takeaways on How To Price a Cake:Value your time.Closely track the cost of your ingredients.Build additional costs (for cake boxes, special equipment, etc.) … Understand the clientele you’re after, and work hard to grow that base.Network with other local bakers.Charge for delivery.More items…•

How much is a wedding cake for 100?

I get that for most people, they have no idea what a wedding cake costs, but it helps to get comfortable with the fact that a wedding cake for 100 will start around $6 per serving.

How much are Walmart wedding cakes?

Walmart Wedding Cake Prices A 12-serving custom sheet cake starts at about $10. A 24- serving custom sheet cake costs just under $20. A 48-serving custom sheet cake starts around $30. A 96-serving custom sheet cake is about $43.

How much does it cost for a 3 tier wedding cake?

DescriptionServingsTiersPrice753-Tier$250.001003-Tier$325.001253-Tier$400.001503-Tier$475.0010 more rows

How do I order a wedding cake from Walmart?

Go to the Custom Cakes Ordering page experience and design your cake for pick up in your local Walmart store. Themed cakes online ordering is coming soon! Until then, browse the cake catalogs below and order in person or by phone at your local Walmart Bakery.

Why do wedding cakes cost so much?

“Remember, the majority of the cost of your wedding cake is due to the design and the time and supplies it takes to execute,” she says. … As Stenstrom puts it, “Wedding cakes are not just flour and sugar, they are complex creatures that can require hours of time to create.

Does Walmart write on cakes?

>>What time do most Walmart bakery departments stop writing “Happy birthday” or “Congratulations so and so” on their cakes? … Walmart doesn’t have them on the clock at all times.