Question: Is The Movie Breakthrough On Pureflix?

How true is the movie breakthrough?

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz’s new movie, Breakthrough, tells the true story of Missouri teenager John Smith.

In 2015, John was submerged underwater for 15 minutes following a lake accident.

John’s made a full recovery after his mother, Joyce, said a prayer over him at the hospital..

Is the movie breakthrough on Amazon Prime? Breakthrough (2019) – Prime Video: Movies & TV.

Where can I see the movie breakthrough?

Watch Breakthrough Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is the chosen on Pureflix?

“The Chosen,” which is available to stream right now on Pure Flix, is the most crowdfunded media project in history, raking in over $20 million in support — and counting.

How much does Pure Flix cost per month?

Since PureFlix offers exclusive entertainment content, it is available on a subscription basis. You can access the content offered by heading over to and signing up for an account. From here, you can then purchase a PureFlix membership plan: monthly plan for $10.99 or annual plan for $99.99.

How do I stream Pure Flix to my TV?

Using your TV remote, select “Apps” in the left-hand section of the Smart Hub. Once you have selected “Apps”, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for the Pure Flix app. Once you have clicked the magnifying glass icon, an on-screen keyboard should appear on your TV screen.

What channel is breakthrough on?

National Geographic ChannelBreakthrough (TV series)BreakthroughExecutive producersRon Howard Brian GrazerReleaseOriginal networkNational Geographic ChannelOriginal releaseNovember 1, 2015 – present7 more rows

How do I watch movies on PureFlix?

Use an HDMI cable to connect the device to your television. Turn on your TV and select your WiFi network, if necessary. Once you’re online, start streaming family-friendly content by downloading Pure Flix from the App store and signing in to your account.

Did Tommy shine really hear a voice?

The real Tommy Shine spoke about this fictionalized story after it was added to the book (written by Joyce Smith, John Smith’s mother). However, there is no evidence of his religious change and he never claimed that a voice talked to him.

Is Pure Flix worth the money?

Pure Flix is the great Family Friendly ultra clean alternative to Netflix. … Classic TV channels with old tv shows, as well as recent family friendly movies and educational, workouts, independent films, kids sections and clean series shows. The price is great as well.

Where can I watch the chosen for free?

1) Watch for free in our mobile app (from anywhere in the world)! You can get it here: or search “The Chosen” in your Apple or Android app store. From the app, you can stream to your TV using another device, such as Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, etc.

Are the makers of the chosen Mormon?

‘ The lease agreement is not an endorsement from the Church, and ‘The Chosen’ is not a Church production, but we are pleased to see this setting used for quality, faith-based productions that are designed to build faith in Jesus Christ, His divine mission, and the miraculous events surrounding His life,” said Irene …

What movies are playing on Pure Flix?

10 Movies and Shows That Are Now Streaming on”God’s Compass” After three years the Water’s family is still struggling with the loss of a devoted husband. … “Before the Border” … “Christmas Crash” … “Coming Home for Christmas” … “Dreams & Memories of Where the Red Fern Grows” … “End of the Trail” … “Pitching Love & Catching Faith” … “Laughing at the Moon”More items…•

Is Pure Flix free on Roku?

Pure Flix is a paid app that offers a month free trial when signing up for Roku direct billing accounts. This app is compatible with several devices includes Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Roku, and many more.

Can I share my PureFlix account?

How Many Simultaneous Streams Come with Pure Flix? With your Pure Flix subscription, you’ll get 5 streams per account. A Pure Flix subscription typically costs $10.99 per month. This means you’ll get more streams per account than you’d get with a Netflix Standard subscription, for the same price.

Is breakthrough on PureFlix?

Breakthrough: The Faith Behind the Film | Pure Flix.

Is Pureflix free with Amazon Prime?

***On Digital TV’s via TV’s Web Browser and logging in to your PURE FLIX account. … Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.

How long is the free trial on Pure Flix?

7 dayIf you’re looking for a wholesome, family-friendly streaming service, give Pure Flix a try! You can get a free 7 day trial, and as low as $7 a month after.