What If My Girlfriend Has A Lot Of Guy Friends?

Should I be worried if my girlfriend is talking to another guy?

No, you shouldn’t be worried if she talks to anyother guy.

She has her own life and her own personal space , you should respect that.

Her talking to someother guy will make you worried and concern, even jealous.

You know how guys are outside, its okay to be worried and observe her silently..

What does it mean if a girl has a lot of guy friends?

The higher a woman’s sexual libido, the more likely she is to have more male friends. Not because she is having sex with them, but because women with higher sexual desire get along better with other men, and often, are seen to act more like guys.”

Is it a red flag if a woman has a lot of guy friends?

The red flag is usually if you have only male friends. This is due to the fact that, as you stated, even the shyest girl can make friends with other women.

Is it bad to have male friends while in a relationship?

It is absolutely okay to have guy friends. Basically, don’t do anything you wouldn’t like your SO doing. … If you usually hug your guy friends and hang out alone with them and feel comfortable, then continue to do so! It’s healthy to keep platonic relationships with the opposite sex (assume you’re straight).

Should I be worried if my girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

If you girlfriend has lots of guy friends. That means she is attractive, both physically and in personality. Other guys like her, just as you do. Instead of worrying about it, you should be proud of yourself, because with all those guy friends, she chose you.