Treatment of epileptic status in children: use of Lorazepam

Benzodiazepines are first-line drugs for the treatment of epileptic status (ES) in children (a prolonged (more than 30 minutes) attack or frequent seizures that follow one another without complete recovery). Some studies confirm that the use of Lorazepam is more effective and safer than Diazepam and other drugs available in pharmacies.

Purpose of the study

Determine the efficacy and safety of Lorazepam in the treatment of epileptic status in children.

Treatment of epileptic status in childrenA double-blind, randomized clinical trial included patients from 3 months to 18 years of age. Patients received 0.1 mg/kg of Lorazepam intravenously. If necessary, after half an hour, a half dose of drugs was administered. If the duration of the ES exceeded 12 minutes, patients were prescribed fosphenytoin.

The primary endpoint of the study was the termination of ES in the 10th minute without resuming seizures for the next 30 minutes. The safety of therapy was assessed by the need for auxiliary ventilation. The secondary endpoints were the number of repeated seizures, the duration of sedation, the time of cessation of ES and the return to the original mental status.


Termination of ES in the 10th minute without resuming seizures for the next 30 minutes was noted in 101 patients out of 140. 27 patients from the group needed an auxiliary ventilation of the lungs. The analysis of the results revealed no statistically significant differences in the secondary endpoints of the study, except for the pronounced sedative effect (66.9%) of Lorazepam.

Among children from 3 months to 18 years with convulsive epilepticus status, the use of Lorazepam is associated with higher efficacy and safety, compared with the use of other drugs. In this regard, Lorazepam is the drug of choice in the treatment of ES in pediatric practice.

In any case, regardless of the age of the patient, since Ativan is a strong drug with a complex effect, it must be taken with caution and in strictly controlled dosage. If it is a question of treating children with serious illnesses, it is recommended to be monitored by the doctor constantly and there must be the presence of adults during the active phase of the drug. If negative side effects or other dangerous consequences are found, we recommend that you immediately seek help from a specialist. Only in this way, you can avoid the development of side effects in more severe forms and protect the child from aggravating the negative state.

Application for adults is not so fraught with pernicious action, so it has fewer restrictions and requirements. You can buy the drug in the pharmacy on prescription or without a doctor’s prescription at an online pharmacy; this is an opportunity for everyone.

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