Treatment of VVD with the help of anti-anxiety drugs

Treatment of insomnia with the help of Valium Before you decide what is the main remedy for VVD, you need to understand what vegetative-vascular dystonia is. It is an ailment that is caused by a functional disruption of the nervous system. The patient can observe the deterioration of the general state of health. There are causeless failures in the work of some organs. Since the main cause of the disease is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, the main remedy for drugs is the drugs prescribed by the therapist. Although many doctors do not consider VVD a serious disease, do not engage in self-medication. First of all, you should contact a competent specialist who will prescribe the treatment.

Treatment with medicines

Doctors are convinced that treatment with medicinal products alone cannot save a person from a disease. Medicines are just one way to overcome the crisis of the patient. The treatment by drugs helps a person cope with the symptoms, suppress fear. Let’s consider in more detail effective psychotropic medicines. For convenience, we will arrange them in the order of increase in the force of action.

Tranquilizers or benzodiazepines

These are anti-anxiety drugs that help with attacks but they have some peculiarities of application. Some of them are characterized by generally suppressive action and gradual addiction. You should be careful with taking the drug, because the highest single dose should not exceed 0.01 g per day.

All drugs in this group have a temporary effect. Speaking about the dosage it should be mentioned that it should be clearly observed. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions not to exceed the duration of this course. The most effective is the drug Ativan. Tablets have a longer lasting effect, like Xanax.

Separately, it is necessary to consider drugs that have panic and fear-eliminating effect. They include:

  • Nootropics are auxiliary drugs. They contribute to the improvement of the state of the nervous system tissues since they activate the processes of metabolism, respiration, and interaction at the cellular level. Nootropics are medicines that can be both synthetic and vegetable (preparations containing ginkgo biloba)
  • Vitamins of group B perfectly combine with vitamin complexes that support and strengthen the nervous system and trace elements that provide good access to each nerve cell
  • Metabolic drugs are included in a group of drugs that are effective in the complex treatment of VVD.

When taking medications, be careful and seek medical help immediately, as soon as you find negative side effects. It is recommended to use strong drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

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